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Conditions Treated

Achilles tendonitis Read article >
Ankle Injuries Read article >
Back Pain/Injuries Read article >
Bicepital Tendonitis
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Compartment syndrome (Chronic)
De Quervains's tenosynovitis
Dupuytren's contracture
Foot pain/injury
Frozen shoulder or adhesive capsulitis
Gait Imbalances
Golfers/Tennis elbow (Tendonitis)
Golf Injuries
Hand Injuries
Hip Pain Read article >
Iliotibial band syndrome Read article >
Impingement syndromes (shoulder and hip)
Joint dysfunction
Knee meniscus injuries
Knee Pain Read article >
Leg Injuries
Muscle pulls or strains Read article >
Muscle weakness
Neck Pain Read article>
Nerve Entrapment Syndromes
Plantar Fasicitis Read article >
Post surgical scar tissue
Repetitive strain injuries
Rib Pain
Rotator cuff syndrome
Running Injuries Read article >
Scar Tissue Formation
Shin splints
Shoulder Pain
Sports Injuries
Swimmers Shoulder
Tennis elbow
Thoracic outlet syndrome
Throwing Injuries
Weight Lifting Injuries
Wrist Injuries

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Overview of Dr. Bochner’s approach

Dr. Bochner uses state of the art methods to diagnose your condition, relieve your pain, and help you prevent re-injury and reach peak performance. A combination of chiropractic adjustments; soft-tissue treatment techniques, such as ART (Active Release Techniques) and myofascial release; and assisted stretching techniques; physiotherapy modalities; and specific rehabilitative and preventative exercises for your condition are used. Your everyday posture is assessed (lifestyle habits that may lead to altered motion anywhere in the body, such as how we sleep, sit, use the computer, stand, walk and bend) and athletes are given advice on technique and training (how far, frequent and fast). Nutritional and emotional issues are also addressed when necessary. Which treatment techniques are used and when depend on your condition and how long you have had your pain or injury as well as on your individual goals.

All of the treatment techniques used are applied with the goal of restoring your body to the natural state of healthy mobility we all have the potential for. They bring your neruromusculoskeletal system back into balance. Often the area of pain isn’t the cause, but is the result of abnormal motion caused by another improperly functioning area of the body. The nerves, joints, fascia and muscles of the entire body are linked in a "kinetic chain" and any painful area must be assessed from that perspective.

For example, pain in the front of the shoulder may be caused by the scapula (shoulder blade) and thoracic or lumbar spine having poor alignment and muscle balance, which leads to abnormal motion. This altered motion puts stress on the rotator cuff and shoulder muscles. Eventually, tissue breakdown and pain will occur at the shoulder. Also, the rotator cuff muscles themselves, once under mechanical stress, can refer pain down the arm. Thus, altered mechanics at the scapula and spine might result in shoulder and arm pain. For full healing, scapula and spinal motion must be restored with treatment to the muscles, fascia and joints of those areas, and then exercises to help the body maintain normal scapular and spinal motion and control must be done.






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NEW SPINAL DECOMPRESSION TABLE: We now offer the Triton Decompression technique for the cervical and lumbar spine. EVENT COVERAGE! Dr. Bochner is part of the volunteer team treating athletes at the following events: PAWLING TRIATHLON AVP NEW YORK OPEN Pro Volleyball Tournament; STEVE NASH CHARITY SHIELD AND SHOWDOWN SOCCER; NEW YORK CITY TRIATHLON; STATEN ISLAND TRIATHLON; TOUGHMAN HALF IRON AND TOUGHKIDS RACES


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