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Conditions Treated

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Back Pain/Injuries Read article >
Bicepital Tendonitis
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Compartment syndrome (Chronic)
De Quervains's tenosynovitis
Dupuytren's contracture
Foot pain/injury
Frozen shoulder or adhesive capsulitis
Gait Imbalances
Golfers/Tennis elbow (Tendonitis)
Golf Injuries
Hand Injuries
Hip Pain Read article >
Iliotibial band syndrome Read article >
Impingement syndromes (shoulder and hip)
Joint dysfunction
Knee meniscus injuries
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Leg Injuries
Muscle pulls or strains Read article >
Muscle weakness
Neck Pain Read article>
Nerve Entrapment Syndromes
Plantar Fasicitis Read article >
Post surgical scar tissue
Repetitive strain injuries
Rib Pain
Rotator cuff syndrome
Running Injuries Read article >
Scar Tissue Formation
Shin splints
Shoulder Pain
Sports Injuries
Swimmers Shoulder
Tennis elbow
Thoracic outlet syndrome
Throwing Injuries
Weight Lifting Injuries
Wrist Injuries

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Injury Diagnosis and your first visit

First, we’ll conduct a comprehensive history of your present injury and past health, reviewing your training if yours is an athletic injury.

Next, Dr. Bochner will do a local exam of the affected area and a comprehensive biomechanical evaluation: testing for postural faults and balance of the spine and extremities. He will watch you perform any activity or motion that is painful or weak to analyze your biomechanics (how you move). For athletes, this is essential. Your running gait will be videotaped, and your everyday and athletic/running shoes evaluated. For triathletes, bike fit and swimming technique also are addressed, if necessary. In other words, your entire body structure is assessed to see how it functions. If you need referral for x-ray or mri studies or to another health care provider for any acute medical emergency or other condition, he will do so.

Once a diagnosis is reached, treatment will begin, often on the first visit.

Movement Pattern Analysis: See also “Prepare to CompeteTM” Injury Prevention System. Patients with chronic pain and overuse injuries, including many sports injuries, often present what we call “altered movement patterns.” Unfortunately, with our mostly sedentary and increasingly automated, computer-driven lifestyles, some natural movements we used to perform daily are no longer necessary. This leads to both underused and overused muscles, and a gradual loss of range and strength. Muscle timing and recruitment is altered, changing our movement patterns. We no longer bend properly at our lower back or neck, or correctly raise our arm overhead. Fortunately, by testing for these altered patterns, Dr. Bochner can provide treatments, exercises and postural advice to correct them and prevent the injuries they often lead to.

Video Analysis of Your Biomechanics: Dr. Bochner is Certified in Biomechanics through Active Release Techniques. After your history and exam, we will videotape you performing your activity or sport, such as your running gait or golf swing. This will show us how you move and reveal areas of dysfunction near or far from your area of pain. For example, video of runners can show restricted or excessive motion in the key joints and muscles. A second video will confirm that the right area was treated. Rehab exercise and shoe selection is also enhanced by video analysis.

Sports Injuries Diagnosis/Treatment: Dr. Bochner has extensive experience with most sports injuries in athletes of all levels. Whether you are a runner, triathlete, tennis player, golfer, skier/snowboarder, swimmer, cyclist or play recreational softball, basketball or soccer, Dr. Bochner’s treatment plans help you recover from acute or chronic injury, such as sprains, strains, and chronic muscle tightness or weakness. Often these injuries need joint and soft-tissue treatment as well as rehab exercises and advice on returning to activity and preventing re-injury. Areas include the toes, midfoot, heel, ankle, knee, hip, spine, shoulder, neck, arm, elbow, wrist, and hand, and fingers, which can all be treated with the techniques described on this page.

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NEW SPINAL DECOMPRESSION TABLE: We now offer the Triton Decompression technique for the cervical and lumbar spine. EVENT COVERAGE! Dr. Bochner is part of the volunteer team treating athletes at the following events: PAWLING TRIATHLON AVP NEW YORK OPEN Pro Volleyball Tournament; STEVE NASH CHARITY SHIELD AND SHOWDOWN SOCCER; NEW YORK CITY TRIATHLON; STATEN ISLAND TRIATHLON; TOUGHMAN HALF IRON AND TOUGHKIDS RACES


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