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The Chiropractic Approach to Overuse Injuries

Athletes often remain healthy through the chiropractic approach because it is a method of healthcare that looks at the “whole person” from both a postural/biomechanical/neurological and from a lifestyle view. Traditional chiropractic is focused on the spine, and areas of spinal stress called subluxations. These areas show restriction in motion of individual vertebrae, which, by altering the function of both the nervous and muscular systems, can affect the total health and performance of the individual. Additionally, chiropractors are increasingly looking at the function of the muscular and fascia systems that are responsible for creating and allowing movement of the spine and extremities. Restrictions in the muscles and fascia are often responsible for pain and injury. It is important to note both the joint and muscle/fascia restrictions build up over time and can be painless or cause only a feeling of tightness without pain. If they are not treated, before long, injury may result.

As noted above, chiropractic care involves looking at the athlete as a whole person and seeks to eliminate the cause of the problem, not just the symptoms. When an injured athlete enters my office, I start with a thorough history of the injury and the events surrounding it, including past and present health, training history, diet, and other stress factors. Next, I perform both a local exam of the area of complaint and a comprehensive biomechanical evaluation, testing for postural faults and muscle balance of the spine and extremities. I also watch the athlete walk and run and evaluate their running shoes. Bike fit and swimming technique also are addressed. In other words, your body structure is assessed to see how it is functioning. Thus, the specific tissue causing the pain, as well as any areas of weakness or imbalance above or below that may have caused that tissue to breakdown are addressed.

For instance, you may have the symptoms for patellar tendonitis, yet the real cause may be tightness of certain hip muscles with restriction of movement in the lower back. If treatment is just directed at the painful knee, the symptoms may abate for a while, but since the underlying cause hasn’t been corrected, the injury may reoccur when training is resumed. This can be very frustrating, as it is hard to train and improve while constantly recovering from one injury or another.

Treatment involves correcting the dysfunctions found. Manual muscle therapy, such as Active Release Techniques, removes adhesions in the fascia and muscles that cause tightness, weakness, and eventual tendon and joint stress. Adjustments of the joints of the spine and extremities remove joint restrictions and normalize neurological function, which also can help restore muscle length. Therapeutic stretching and modalities such as electric muscle stimulation and ultrasound may be utilized. Specific rehabilitative exercises and training advice are also given, including proper core strengthening and weight training. Nutritional changes may also be recommended.

Training involves a balance between breaking down our bodies and letting them recover and get stronger. When we overdo it, the stress is often stored in the muscle and joint restrictions occur described above. Thus, chiropractic care gets results because it removes this stress and allows us to recover faster and return to training again.

This article is for informational purposes only, and should not be used as personal advice or diagnosis without first consulting a health-care professional. If you have, or suspect you have a health-care problem, then you should immediately contact a qualified health-care professional for treatment.

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