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Prepare to Compete: Avoiding Movement "Dystopia"

Utopia.  This word conjures up images of a perfect society, where people live harmonously in balance with nature and have the freedom to be healthy and productive with no war, strife or disease.  Of course we are still striving for such conditions. It seems the hope is that through the use of technology and positive, democratic values we can move closer and closer to thie goal.  However, the same technologies that promise us this future are also causing our physical health to suffer in many cases!

As a chiropractor, I am concerned with the status of my patient's posture, tension (range of motion of each joint, muscle and fascial area) and control of movement.  Unforturnately, with the advent of the computer age in the last few decades as well as the effects of automation, most people do not have the opportunity to perform diverse movements in their everyday lives.  This is occurring even as our iphones and other devices give us the ability to manage our lives from the internet.  This has led to an increase in dysfunction of posture, tension and  movement control, or what I call "movement dystopia" and a variety of pain and injury syndromes can be the result.  Also, many exercise programs do not provide a safe and complete approach to the prevention of these dysfunctions, and sometimes even add to them!  To help remedy this situation, I have developed the Prepare to Compete injury prevention system (PTC), which can help patients regain proper posture, tension and control, and strive for "movement utopia"

When we are moving with proper posture, tension and control (PTC), we retain the natural and efficient movememt patterns that we are born to perform but which become inhibited by sedentary occupations with their limited ranges of motion. We can breath easier, bend from our hips, rotate from our core and up the kinetic chain to our shoulders. We can reach in multiple directions overhead and to the sides and still maintain our balance, core control and graceful posture.  "Movement utopia" can be the result and help us live in balance with our technology, without the "movement dystopia" and the common injury syndromes that can rob us of the ability to do the activities we enjoy.

With the PTC system, we can identify the key dysfunctions that patients have, and provide not only specific treatment in our office, but teach a self-management system that will enable patients to monitor the status of their PTC and strive for "movement utopia".

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